Play For Rings

Play For Rings, NFP has operated a recreation outreach center (R.O.C.) in partnership with Shiloh Baptist Church since the fall of 2014. The center is located in the Fairmont community in unincorporated Will County, between the City of Lockport and the City of Joliet. It is a community of approximately 2,500 residents. The region is primarily urban and underserved from receiving services that residents need. The R.O.C. will eventually be a vital stop gap and one-stop-shop for community members to acess services such as recreational activities, health education, senior programs, tutoring, church services, and much more. The Recreation Outreach Center At Shiloh M.B. Church will be a shining beckon to the area to help lead the community into the 21st century and beyound! 


Play For Rings mission will be to offer afforable programs and services in a safe enviroment for kids that will promote habbits for a healthy and active lifestyle that will last a life time! Our goal will be to teach kids the lessons of life through the games of sports and especially basketball! We'll teach kids how to make a simple game plan to acheive success on and off the court. Then like with any sport, we'll teach our kids the basic and fundamental skills they'll need to make any of their dreams come true. Once kids become members of the R.O.C. and participate in our programs we'll motivate them to chase their dreams through hard work, perseverance, and dedication!


Our management team is compoused of a bunch of long shots. We're proud sports junkies. So we can relate to the kids from our neighborhood and their underdog positions, because we were once in their shoes! We believe in these kids and their bright futures! By starting this company we chose to make a difference! Instead of following orders, we decided to follow our passions! When we were growing up as kids there was always someone from the hood to watch over us, keep us out of trouble, and give us something fun to do! Now we're the adults, and it's our turn to lookout for the best interests of these kids while giving something back to our community! It takes a village to raise a child! Even more so today than ever before! We need your help! You can help support our cause by making a tax deductible donation to our foundation by clicking on the link below!