Sports Programs in Lockport, Illinois

I remember what it was like to be a kid! Growing up with my friends with no worries! Playing in the streets all day! The block was our arena! We played baseball, football, soccer, hockey, tennis, and basketball "right in the front" everyday! We'd finish playing on the block, then roam the neighborhoods looking for more competition! We would challenge any crew on any basketball court or baseball field! We didn't have any TV games or cell phones back then! Just our bikes! We played outside from sun up till sun down! That's the vision for the ROC Center. We want to be your sports arena! The streets are unsafe to play in today and that's especially true for kids! But at the ROC people will be able to gather with their family & friends in a safe environment to play games all day under an controlled climate with a trained staff directing highly organized activities and programs to help promote a healthly lifestyle for all!

The Premiere Hoops Recreation Outreach Center at Shiloh will offer services to accommodate the active needs of the entire community! Becoming a one-stop-shop for fun will be the mission behind all of our programs. Each offering will be designed to give every customer the professional athlete experience. We feel strongly that providing families with an environment that promotes playing together will ultimately help families stay healthy together! Premiere Hoops will offer five main categories of service that will include the following:


The core service we will offer to customers will be basketball programs. From our Fantasy Basketball Leagues to our AAU Travel Teams to our specialized training classes to our pick up games! Premiere Hoops will set out to make all your hoop dreams come true! 

Basketball, Sports Programs in Chicago, IL


Premiere Hoops will offer enough rental space to rival any small conference hall. We’ll have rooms to host birthday parties, wedding receptions, business meetings, activities, and so much more! Courts will also be available for leagues or team practices. We’ll host almost anything the mind can imagine.


Premiere Hoops defines recreation as an activity of leisure. Recreation is an essential element of human biology and psychology. Our recreation services will offer enjoyment, amusement, pleasure, and will be fun! These services will be a healthy means to refresh the body and soul. 


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That’s the philosophy behind the Premiere Hoops wellness services! We’ll teach our customers the process of obtaining knowledge, skills and values that enhance health. Our goal will be to teach our customers how to obtain and maintain good health by regularly engaging with recreation and physical activities, practicing preventative health care, accessing quality health care, avoiding risk behaviors and leading a healthy lifestyle.

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