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Our basketball leagues are designed to give players an NBA experience. We feature 24 second shot clocks, and play for championship rings. The underlying goal for our leagues is to promote strong family, culture, and education. The three main traits found in most players who make it to the NBA. These same traits are also found in people who are successful in life, in general.

Our Junior high (JG) and high school (HG) leagues are part of our M.B.A. after school program. The leagues are CoEd to enhance the skills of both boys and girls like steel sharpening steel. The leagues are great tools for us to push the benefits of obtaining a college education to the kids. Our Young Guns (YG) league is for players over the age of 19. Our Old Guns (OG) league is for players over the age of 35. Our Open league is our pro-am program, that will see pro players playing alongside the best amaturer players the area has to offer. Our ultimate goal is to use our basketball leagues as economic engines to help boost communities that have been overlooked and underserved, for far too long.

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