Learning Center For Champions

M.B.A. After School Program

Learning Center For Champions

This portion of our after school program will help our students get better in the classroom. With assistance from teacher aides, the main goals for our learning center will include helping students complete their homework assignments and improving their reading comprehension skills through comics books. The students will meet in the center for an hour. The hour inside the center will be broken down into three main segments that will include Training Table, Real Talk, and Study Hall.

Training Table

During this beginning segment of the program kids will have a few moments to socialize while enjoying a healthy snack to help them recover from basketball practice. This period should last about 15 minutes and will happen daily.

Real Talk

During the next 15 minute segment the kids will participate in daily discussions designed to help them put their futures into focus. The discussions will center around three main topics that will include careers, colleges, and character. The following will be a breakdown of the subject matters that will be discussed each day.   

Court Vision Tuesdays

On Tuesdays our kids will learn about emerging careers from the Kiplinger list of top 10 best future jobs that should keep them from being replaced by machines when they hit the workforce.

High Basketball IQ Wednesdays

On Wednesdays our kids will learn about the best colleges to attend from the U.S. News & World Report. The goal here will be to inspire our kids to actively plan for college and motivate them to find ways to pay for it through scholarships.

Game Face Thursdays

On Thursdays our kids will learn about the Pyramid of Success from the late legendary basketball coach John Wooden of UCLA. This chart will give kids a solid foundation for life and teach them the fundamental skills they’ll need to build character.

Study Hall

The last 30 minute segment of our program will be saved for Study Hall. During this time frame kids will have the option to complete homework assignments or read novel comic books to improve on their comprehension skills. The main goal here is to make reading cool and to inspire our kids to read at their appropriate grade levels. 


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