Play For Rings

Play For Rings is a not-for-profit recreation outreach company offering basketball and after school programs to an underserved Fairmont community. Our ultimate goal is to be a game changer for the Fairmont community, by offering services that caters to their specific needs. Play For Rings will play its role to help change the Fairmont community one basketball player at a time. We want to also help lead the community into the 21st century with a focus on the following:

Providing access to and sustained participation in programs

We will provide our young people a greater after school experience by providing our services 3 days a week, all year round. They will also benefit from our programs because they will be tailored to their interests, needs, and schedules, as well as provide them exposure to new ideas, challenges, and people. 

Quality programming and staffing

Our youth will benefit from our after school programs by developing positive relationships with our staff, who in turn will model good behavior, actively promote student mastery of skills or concepts in activities, listen attentively, provide feedback and guidance, and establish clear expectations for mature, respectful interactions with peers. Players who attend our well-supervised afterschool programs will display better work habits, task persistence, social skills, prosocial behaviors, academic performance, and less aggressive behavior at the end of the school year.

Strong partnerships

Play For Rings will actively seek other partnerships with a variety of stakeholders, especially families, schools and communities to help us do more for the community we serve. We will also look to partner with corporate partners who will support our causes like the United Way, The Give Something Back Foundation, The Lockport Rotary, and others.

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